Our Mission

Since 2013, Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland, Inc. has been busy rescuing dogs and cats in the Southern Maryland area and beyond. We are a foster home based, 501c3 non-profit animal rescue organization focused on rescuing dogs and cats in need and providing them permanent safe placement in new homes. We have a dedicated, talented team of rescuers that work together for one cause. In addition to our foster and adoption programs, we have a successful TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program that has helped sterilize and provide vet care for hundreds of feral cats. We strongly believe in spaying/neutering pets and continued veterinary care to help them live their best lives. We are strongly against animal abuse and neglect and we support law enforcement to remove these animals from the bad situations they are in and to fully prosecute the abusers. Our mission is to always do the right thing for animals. We are their voice. We are their Angels.



Board of Directors

Jenn Torney - President

Danielle Adams - Vice President

Sam Meyers - Secretary

Julie Smith - Treasurer

Dickie Smith - Security Advisor


Jennifer Torney - Cat Adoption/Foster Coordinator

Julie Smith - Dog Adoption/Foster Coordinator

Vacant - Event/Fundraising Coordinator

Cora Meyers - TNR Coordinator, Social Media Manager

Sam Meyers - TNR Coordinator, Webmaster

Jeannie Weaver - TNR Coordinator

At-Large Members: Cora Meyers, Kate Daras, Patty Rickett, Jenna Karwacki-Gass, Jeannie Weaver, Tiffany Owens, Haley Clark, Jessi Eby and Jenna Mattera

Interested in being a part of what we do?  We are looking to fill our vacancies to make our team stronger than ever.  We need your talent and energy to help the dogs and cats in Southern Maryland.  Contact us at rescueangelssomd@gmail.com.



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